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Spirit of Yorkshire - Custom Deck

Sometimes, we get a custom board that is pure fun to do. This week we had one of those - a unique shape with a design that reflects a little bit of Yorkshire.

The client, Phil, wanted a downhill profile with a unique shape. The design was to be a patch style motif, bringing in elements of Yorkshire. We were helped out by a number of sketches and photos.

Being a Yorkshire based business, it wasn't difficult to be inspired by the design. We came up with a composite badge featuring a stealth bomber, a Yorkshire rose and an alien. Just in case, the link between Yorkshire and the alien is unclear, we added a flat cap for good measure!

The deck itself has a full length concave with drop through truck mounts and wheel wells. The overall dimensions are 40 inch long x 10 inch wide.

Phil took delivery of his new deck yesterday - we can't wait to see photos of it in action.

If you are interested in learning more about our custom decks, check out Custom Boards and the Gallery on our website.

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