Asylum Quest


Transport and storage can be a problem with luges, particularly if you want to travel overseas. Our Asylum Quest is a full size luge which can be dismantled and fit into standard hold luggage when travelling by air. We haven't compromised on the ride though. Our Asylum Quest gives you the same great handling at speed as our other luges and is fully race compliant with the rules of all major recognised street luge race organisers.

Technical specifications*: 


- Overall length of 1285 mm (50½ inch)

- Overall width of 435 mm (17 inch) including cradle

- Pan size length of 914 mm (36 inch) and width of 300 mm (12 inch) 

- 16 mm (5/8 inch) thick base/pan made from 4 layers of 4 mm birch ply

- Drilled for your choice of a 4 wheel or 6 wheel set up

- Wheel centres from 1003 mm (39½ inch) to 1130 mm (44½ inch)

- Seat dropped 70 mm (2¾ inch) from the truck mounts

- 20 mm (¾ inch) deep concave

- Clearance of 30 mm (assuming 75 mm wheels)

- Full hand cradle (in two pieces)

- Bumpers at front and rear

- Weight of deck including rail is 5.3 kg


Our Asylum Quest can be taken apart and reassembled using only a basic screwdriver/spanner (supplied). It packs into an area that is only 914 mm (36 inch) x 305 mm (12 inch) x 100 mm (4 inch). 


The price is for a DECK ONLY in metallic blue with the SP8BOARDS logo on top. We specialise in customisation and so if you would like us to provide the luge with a full set up of trucks and wheels or if you would like a different colour or design, please contact us direct for details and pricing.


*all measurements are approximate

Deck only
  • Additional Info

    All of our boards are handmade and handpainted to order and as such your design might differ slightly from the one shown.


    We ship worldwide. Postage and packing starts at £20.00 for UK mainland delivery and will be added on checkout. If you require further information, please check here or contact us direct.



All our boards are handmade to order and therefore if you cannot find the shape or size you want or if you would like a personalised design, we would be delighted to work with you to make a board which fits your exact requirements. Please see our Custom Decks and Gallery pages for more details.

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