• Odyssey

    New for the 2021 season, Odyssey is a long distance pusher with a zero degree rear truck bracket to enhance push efficiency and grip: 


    • 36"L x 9 1/2"W
    • deck 31"L 
    • zero degree rear bracket
    • deck incline of 15 degrees at the front, specifically designed to hit the sweet spot between 58 and 60 degrees when used with a 44 degree truck 
    • drop-through truck mount at front to minimise ride height
    • clearance of approximately 1 1/4"
    • mellow concave on foot platform  


    To ensure that the angles are just right, Odyssey comes as a COMPLETE with:


    • Orangatang Kegels 80 mm (choice of 77a, 80a and 83a) - state preference with your order
    • Caliber 44 degree front truck (180 mm axle)
    • Caliber 50 degree rear truck (180 mm axle) - added to the bracket to create the zero angle
    • Zealous built-in bearings
    • Hardware as appropriate
    • Gripped as shown


     UPGRADES to Zealous ceramic built-in bearings and/or Orangatang 85 mm Caguamas (77a, 80a or 83a) are available at an extra cost. Please contact us direct for details. 


      • The Odyssey deck is HANDMADE to order using 12 ply birch. It is also hand stained and so the shade might differ slightly from the one illustrated here.
      • We specialise in CUSTOMISATION. If you like Odyssey but want to tweak the size or choose your own graphic, we can do this for you. Just contact us direct to discuss your requirements and obtain a no obligation quote.
      • We can ship WORLDWIDE. See our Delivery Info section for details.