New "Specialist" SP8BOARD decks now available

March 28, 2017

Usually at this time of year, we are working hard to finalise and launch our new designs for the upcoming season. 2017 is going to be different!  Of course you can still get all your old favourites with one of our standard designs or your own custom drawing. However, during my travels and attendance at various events last year, it occurred to me that there is a real need for the specialist deck. Most of us have more than one deck depending on what we want to do and the conditions we are doing it in. However, sometimes you need something really purpose made. After all, why make do with a pintail cruiser if your real love is long distance pushing or dancing?


Over the past winter months therefore, we have been consulting with those who would use specialist boards as well as designing, building and extensively testing our prototypes. I am delighted to announce the launch of our first three specialist boards:


TREAD - our long distance pusher


 This longboard deck is 39"L x 9 3/4"W and is designed specifically for long distance pushing. Following extensive testing whilst touring in the US, we have given it a dropped deck shape with a ground clearance of 60 mm. This makes it easier to push, as well as lowering your centre of gravity. We have also added two layers of fibreglass to our usual 9 ply birch to ensure you have the rigidity you need for a comfortable ride.You can also use it for cruising, commuting and, with the correct truck configuration, downhill.


TRACE -  our downhill racer


 Following the creation of our recreational downhill board (the Bullet) last year, we went out into the world of downhill racing to see if we could create an entry level competition board. The result is the Trace, a 40"L x 10"W longboard with a full length deep concave, no kicktails, multiple truck mount holes to allow wheel centre adjustment and two layers of fibre glass as well as our usual 9 ply birch to ensure rigidity. 


ASYLUM - our luge/buttboard



This luge/butt board deck is 48"L x 9 3/4"W and is specifically designed for laying down and luging. There is an extended leg rest at the front to help support your legs in long downhill bombs and the deck is designed to take a twin truck, also at the front, for extra grip. When it comes down to it, it is all about speed. In our trials, we reached 45 miles per hour (our inspiration for the graphic on the underside). 


You can find all our boards in our online SHOP.  As usual, if you would prefer a different graphic and/or a custom size, just ask.


Watch out for our videos of the test runs (released next week) and our next specialist boards, the dancer and the tourer (released end of April 17) 


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All our boards are handmade to order and therefore if you cannot find the shape or size you want or if you would like a personalised design, we would be delighted to work with you to make a board which fits your exact requirements. Please see our Custom Decks and Gallery pages for more details.

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