Hogtoberfest 17 - More racing at Hog Hill

October 29, 2017


14/15 October. The sun is shining and it is the final race meet of the season for the SP8BOARDS team. It feels appropriate that we are back at Hog Hill. After all this is where we started the season (at The Crackling) earlier this year, with our first foray ever into racing.

A few months on, we have made new friends, fine-tuned our racing luges ( thank you to everyone who has provided comments and feedback) and secured a third place in the year's British Downhill Skateboarding League for street luge.

Andy and Dreek are racing as usual, with support from Andy (yes another one) and Chris. It is also a pleasure to see Peter Adamson, who offers to give the SP8BOARDS Trace deck a run in the downhill competition. A special mention however, has to go to Dreek's dog, Shea, our self-appointed mascot for the weekend!




 Hogtoberfest has a more extensive programme than some of the other race meets. As well as downhill skateboarding and luge, there is a slide jam, endurance race, dance competition and slalom.  For now, our focus is on the luge, but we have a new dancer in development so who knows what next year will bring?

Andy is racing the new Asylum R. Longer than the original and at 16 mm depth, thicker too. It also has rounded edges for added safety, a closed cradle handle and safety bumpers, ensuring compliance with race rules for most recognised street luging race organisations.

Dreek is racing the Asylum 2. If you do not need full, competition spec, then this is one to consider. It has the same depth as the Asylum R and has a full cradle handle. However, it is a slightly squarer, shorter shape and has a carrying handle (so you can haul it back up the hill more easily).

The course is the same as last time- 500 m long with a steep sweeping corner, chicane, a long straight and a corner to the finish line.

There are 10 competitors with 5 making it to the final, including Andy. The other finalists are Gareth Chamberlain (winner of many events including the 2017 BDSL championship and Hog Hill's 2017 Summer Swine), Bodhi Keen (second in the weekend's stand up downhill racing), John Lee and Jamie Gunn. 


Andy's race is a good one. He is third place after the push off and final corner, but comes out of the chicane in second place and manages to hold this until he finishes. The highlight though for Andy is coming (quite) close to catching the winner, Gareth, just before the final corner. Maybe next time?????........





For more detailed footage of the event, see our extended video by clicking here 


For details of other races attended by our SP8BOARDS race team this season, check out our blogs on The Crackling and Bolsterstone


Want a Luge board like the ones raced by Andy (Asylum R) or Dreek (Asylum II)? NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY IN OUR SHOP


Thanks to Lucie Woolams and Peter Adamson, for their kind permission to use their photographs in this blog

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