New Range of Luges Now Available

April 25, 2019

Although you have been able to buy a street luge and butt board from SP8BOARDS for some time, we have been keen to develop our offering to provide you with an increased and improved range fitting all needs at an affordable price.


Our testing is complete and we are delighted to be able to launch our NEW luges.


So what do we have?




Asylum Race (The Red One)


Want to own the same type of board that took Andy Speight to first place at Bolsterstone Outlaw 2018 and Hogtoberfest 2018? If so, the Asylum Race street luge is for you. Strong and supportive enough for you to tackle long downhill bombs at speed, our Asylum Race has a whole host of features including full hand cradle, front and rear bumpers, rounded corners, concave seat and multiple truck mounts to allow for 4 or 6 wheel set-ups as well as variable ground clearance.

Asylum Mini (The Black One)


We are having so much fun with our Asylum Mini. Smaller and lighter than our Luge Race, it is easier to handle (and carry back up hill). This makes it more suitable for beginners or for dealing with tighter, twisty tracks where manoeuvrability is key. However, it can also pack a punch - this is the luge that went 56 miles per hour in the hills of Wales.


Asylum Quest (The Blue One)


Transport and storage can be a problem with street luges, particularly if you want to travel overseas. Our Asylum Quest is a full size luge which can be dismantled using a basic screwdriver/spanner (supplied) and packed into an area that is only 914 mm x 305 mm x 100 mm; i.e. it fits into standard hold luggage when travelling by air. We haven't compromised on the ride though and our Asylum Quest gives you the same great handling at speed as our other luges.


Asylum Base (The Woodstain One)

We are pleased to include a traditional buttboard in our range. More affordable and lightweight than a full street luge, our Asylum Base is perfect for beginners or for the casual day out shredding the hills. You might also prefer it to a larger street luge when tackling tight corners.

It has routed handrails and a handgrab for helping you drag it back up the hill.




Technical Specifications





All our luges are designed to be compliant with the rules of the relevant race organisations. Like our skateboard decks, they are handmade to order. The bases are made from 4 layers of locally sourced 4 ply birch and cradles (where applicable) are made from aluminium. The Asylum Quest also has truck mounts in aluminium.


Our pricing is for a DECK ONLY. We specialise in customisation and so if you would like us to provide the luge with a full set up of trucks and wheels or if you would like a different colour or design, please contact us direct for details and pricing.


Check out our store for more details.









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All our boards are handmade to order and therefore if you cannot find the shape or size you want or if you would like a personalised design, we would be delighted to work with you to make a board which fits your exact requirements. Please see our Custom Decks and Gallery pages for more details.

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