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Made Locally

All our boards are designed and made in house at our base in Leeds, Yorkshire.


Board Design

The first step is for you to choose the size, shape and graphic you want. To assist, we have created  a number of standard boards and shapes, based on what we know most riders are looking for (see our Shop). You can also find some more ideas in our Gallery.

If you need advice or if you want something totally unique, please contact us. We will be delighted to help.

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Board Manufacture

For our wooden decks, we always use birch which is strong, durable and locally available. 3 to 4 layers of 4 mm birch ply are glued together (with fibre class where appropriate). The wood is then placed in specially made presses and is allowed to dry under pressure for at least twenty four hours. This gives the board its concaves and, if relevant, kicktails.

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Board Shaping

The board is rough-cut by jigsaw and then shaped and sanded by hand. 

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The board is given a coat of clear varnish to seal it.  The design is then drawn on freehand. Posca pens are used as they do not bleed, do not fade and give good, even cover. Two further coats of varnish are applied with fine sanding in between as necessary. Truck holes are drilled and grip tape/ logo is applied to the top unless otherwise agreed with the client.

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