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A Time to Celebrate

Earlier this year, (just before lockdown), two existing clients celebrated their wedding.

I was thrilled to be asked to prepare a board for them. At first I had images of Dale and/or Natasha skating down the aisle but no - they were looking to create a special and unique guestbook which they could keep as a memento of their special day.

I based it on the shape of the TRACE but made it larger (approx. 44"L x 11"W) to give plenty of space to write on. As it wouldn't be ridden, I omitted the concave and grip tape.

The design was chosen by Natasha and Dale - a traditional white background with their wedding motif in black in the centre.

After guests signed the board with posca pens (my preferred drawing medium), the intention was that Dale would hand it to me at one of the summer events so I could seal it with a few more coats of lacquer. This would preserve the signatures and give a gloss finish. This took longer than anticipated as lockdown intervened and a meet up was out of the question until a few weeks ago.

But it is finally finished and it is every bit as special as I hoped it would be.

I wish both Dale and Natasha all the very best for the future. Thank you for the photos and for letting SP8BOARDS be a part of your story.

For more information on our custom decks, please check out our Custom Boards page on our website.

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