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Across The Sea - Custom Deck

I always enjoy making custom decks that celebrate the relationship between a rider and a significant other. Across The Sea aims to do just that.

The client, Mike, is a deep sea fisherman from Scotland and is married to Clara from Ireland. He wanted a deck that reflects the strong connection with his wife, their different heritages and his love of the sea.

The design requested by the client revolved around a shamrock at one end of the deck and a thistle at the other with roots intertwined over a sea cross section. He kindly provided a sketch and I added a few SP8BOARD tweaks including the skeleton and the celtic love knot.

The deck itself is based on a standard sized retro with a kicktail. The overall dimensions are 37 inch long x 9 inch wide.

Mike is at sea at the moment but should be back soon and be able to enjoy his new deck - we can't wait to see photos of it in action.

If you are interested in learning more about our custom decks, check out Custom Boards and the Gallery on our website.

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