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The Lioness, The Mountain and The Sunset - Custom Deck

Creating a truly unique and custom board to our client's specifications is our favourite pastime here at SP8BOARDS.

We have a number of ongoing projects at the moment, but one that stands out is a custom dancer shaped to the client's design with a custom graphic and cut out grip tape on the top.

The client, Naomi, was hoping to capture elements that were important to her. Based on the photos and discussions, we created a savannah style landscape with a mountain in the background, a lioness in the foreground and a blazing sunset putting everything into shadow.

The deck itself has twin kicktails and a mild concave. Overall dimensions are 41 inch long x 9.5 inch wide.

To complete it, we used Paris 180mm trucks, SP Revolution 62 mm 83a wheels and ABEC 9 bearings.

Hope you enjoy it Naomi!

If you are interested in learning more about our custom decks, check out Custom Boards and the Gallery on our website.

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