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New Decks for a New Season: Available Now!

It won't be long before the new skateboarding season starts and, as usual, SP8BOARDS, has been using the downtime (in between orders!) to design and test some new decks.

Top of the list is the BULLET (£99 +pp: deck only) - an old name, but with a totally new shape, making it ideal for the beginner or casual downhill rider. 35"L x 9.5" W with a full mellow concave and multiple truck mounts for a wheel base from 25" to 28". For more details, click here

Next is the SWALLOW (£125 +pp: deck only) - another downhill but made with the more advanced downhill rider in mind. 35"L x 9.5"W with wheel wells, full length concave and multiple truck mounts giving a wheel base from 22" to 25". Finished with a carbon wrap. For more details, click here.

Commuting by skateboard is a perfect way of getting around in a socially distanced, enviromentally friendly, calorie burning way. To meet demand, we have created the CHUBBY (£80 + pp: deck only). 30"L x 9"W with a 17" wheelbase, this is a compact cruiser/commuter deck with plenty of space for feet! For more details, click here.

Another totally new deck for us is SWIFT (£105 + pp:deck only), designed to be an all-rounder for when you only want one deck and want to be able to cruise, distance travel, free-ride and do a bit of downhill. 40"L x 9.5"W with drop through truck mounts, bi-directional, no kicktails and a mellow full length concave. For more details, click here.

Last but by no means least, we have re-shaped our dancer, FLOW (£99 + pp: deck only). 41"L x 9.5"W with a variable wheel bases from 25.5" to 27". For more details. click here.

We specialise in customisation so if you want a different size or a different design, please get in touch for a no obligation consultation and quotation.

To see our full range of standard decks, wheels, trucks, hardware and apparel, check out our store .

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