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Sleek and minimalist, our Swallow deck is built for downhill.


Features include: 

  • 35"L x 9 1/2"W for a manouvreable deck that has plenty of space to plant your feet 
  • multiple front and rear truck mounts allowing you to adjust the wheel base from 22" to 25" and fine tune the handling
  • flush-mount truck mountings
  • wheel wells 
  • full length mellow concave for even foot placement
  • made from 12 ply birch to give a 15mm thick deck for added strength
  • finished with a carbon effect wrap and coarse grip tape

    • The Swallow deck is HANDMADE TO ORDER from 12 ply birch with a carbon effect wrap and comes PARTIALLY GRIPPED as shown with pre-drilled holes ready for you to fit trucks and wheels. 
    • We specialise in CUSTOMISATION. If you like the Swallow deck but want to tweak the size or choose your own graphic, we can do this for you. Just contact us direct to discuss your requirements and obtain a no obligation quote.
    • We can ship WORLDWIDE. See our Delivery Info section for details.


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