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Becker Grip Soles

Becker Grip Soles

These top quality rubber brakesoles are produced in Europe to the highest standards. Their sleek 'no tread' design and high quality specification ensure maximum grip and minimal wear, whilst maintaining sensitivity.

Sold as a pair and available in three thicknesses:

- 4mm: suitable for skateboarding or downhill where the lack of brake soles equals shredded shoes

- 6mm: for skateboarders who like to footbrake, as well as streetlugers who prefer a lighter shoe or are only riding gentle hills

- 10mm: the thickest and strongest available. A massive amount of rubber providing insane braking power and extreme durability for streetlugers, bibibob and bobbycar. Andy Speight loves to use these when he is competing at the World Downhill Skateboarding Championships.


Size: 350 mm x 120 mm x 4/6/10 mm. Price £24 to £33 plus postage depending on thickness required.


    • AVAILABLE IN THE UK ONLY. Postage and packing at £5.00 will be added automatically at checkout. 
    • For help and advice on fixing your brakesoles to your shoes, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are intending to use superglue, you might find the following useful:
      1. Using sandpaper (or the road if you have to), roughen up the surfaces (on the brakesole and shoes) that are going to be bonded
      2. Place your shoe on the brakesole and draw around it using a biro pen.
      3. Roughly cut out your brakesole using a stanley knife leaving a small border (at least 3 mm) all around. This will be trimmed off later and will help you get  a smooth finish.
      4. Apply good quality superglue to one of the surfaces to be bonded.
      5. Place the shoe sole and brakesolefirmly together and hold for 5 mins.
      6. Leave to completely dry and then trim off excess rubber with stanley knife to give a clean finish.


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