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One of three brand new downhill designs for 2024! Bullet 'Leopard Seal' is built for both strength and speed, but with the beginner or casual downhill rider in mind. Features include: 

  • 31.5"L x 9.5"W for a manouvreable deck that has plenty of space to plant your feet 
  • multiple front and rear truck mounts allowing you to adjust the wheel base distance from 21" to 23" and fine tune the handling. 
  • full length deep concave to help you to lock in your feet on those tighter corners
  • 12 ply birch instead of our usual 9 ply birch for extra rigidity

    • The Bullet 'Leopard Seal' deck is HANDMADE TO ORDER from 12 ply birch and comes FULLY GRIPPED with the SP8BOARDS logo with pre-drilled holes ready for you to fit trucks and wheels. It is also HANDPAINTED and so the design might differ slightly from the one illustrated here.
    • We specialise in CUSTOMISATION. If you want to swap in the nose, tail or design on the Bullet 'Leopard Seal' for those shown on the Bullet 'Humpback Whale' or Bullet 'Dusky Dolphin', we can do this for you at no extra charge. Just send us a message with your order.
    • If you also want to adjust the size or choose your own graphic, we can also do this for you, although we typically charge for this. Please contact us direct to discuss your requirements and obtain a no obligation quote.
    • We can ship WORLDWIDE. See our Delivery Info section for details.


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