We are pleased to include a traditional buttboard in our range. More affordable and lightweight than a full street luge, our Asylum Base is perfect for beginners or for the casual day out shredding the hills. You might also prefer it to a larger street luge when tackling tight corners.


    The price is for the DECK ONLY.


    Fully race compliant with the rules of all major recognised buttboard race organisers.

    Technical specifications: 


    - Overall length of 1143 mm (45 inch)

    - Overall width of 305 mm (12 inch)

    - 16 mm (5/8 inch) thick deck made from 4 layers of locally sourced 4 mm birch ply

    - Multiple truck mounts drilled for your choice of a 4 wheel or 6 wheel set up

    - Wheel centres from approximately 686 mm (27 inch) to 834 mm (32¾ inch)

    - 22 mm (¾ inch) deep concave

    - Routed handrails

    - Partial fine-grade griptape to help hold you in place

    - Routed hand grab to assist when walking back uphill

    - Weight of 3.4 kg  


      • The price is for the DECK ONLY in oak woodstain with the SP8BOARDS logo on top. PLEASE NOTE TRUCKS AND WHEELS ARE NOT INCLUDED.
      • We specialise in CUSTOMISATION. If you want a full set-up of trucks and wheels with your Asylum Base or if you want to tweak the size, colour or graphic, we can do it for you. Just contact us direct to discuss your requirements and obtain a no-obligation quote. 
      • We can ship WORLDWIDE. See our Delivery Info section for details.