Asylum FMS


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of SP8BOARDS' very first Full Metal Street luge. Made from aluminium with a low centre of gravity and adjustable towers and truck mounts, our Asylum FMS is strong, lightweight and fast. Suitable for all levels of streetluger, but if you want to race it, we have designed it to be fully compliant with the rules of all major recognised street luge race organisers

Technical specifications*: 


- Handmade in the UK

- Drilled to enable adjustment on towers giving a variable overall length of 1320 mm - 1390 mm.

- Drilled for your choice of a 4 wheel or 6 wheel set up

- Variable wheel centres (through a combination of adjustable towers and variable truck mounts) from 930 mm to 1155 mm

- Overall width of 400 mm

- Seat dropped 70 mm from the truck mounts

- Ground clearance 25 mm (depending on wheels and trucks used)

- Full hand cradle

- Powder coated

- 40 mm high density foam bumpers at front and rear

- 8 mm neoprene cushioning

- Weight (excluding wheels and trucks) is 6.5 kg


The price is for the Asylum FMS with powder coating in your choice of two colours with the SP8BOARDS logo on top. PLEASE NOTE TRUCKS AND WHEELS ARE NOT INCLUDED.


Once you have placed your order, we will message you to discuss colour options. If you want further information beforehand please do not hesitate to contact us.


*all measurements are approximate


Deck only
  • Additional Info

    See the Asylum FMS in action on our blog

    We ship worldwide. Postage and packing starts at £20.00 for UK mainland delivery and will be added on checkout. If you require further information, please check here or contact us direct.

All our boards are handmade to order and therefore if you cannot find the shape or size you want or if you would like a personalised design, we would be delighted to work with you to make a board which fits your exact requirements. Please see our Custom Decks and Gallery pages for more details.

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