The new Asylum MMS (Mini Metal Streeluge) is here! Smaller and lighter than the Asylum FMS, it is easier to handle (and carry back up hill). This makes it more suitable for beginners or for dealing with tighter, twisty tracks where manoeuvrability is key. However, it can also pack a punch -this is the luge that went 55 miles per hour in the Peak District and was ridden by the winner of Tregarron 2022. As with our other luges, it is fully race compliant with the rules of all major recognised street luge race organisers.


    The price is for DECK ONLY.


    The Asylum MMS is shown powdercoated in black. You can however, have any colour, subject to availability. Please message us when you place your order with your colour preference.


    Technical specifications (all measurements are approximate):

    - Overall length of 1150 mm (45 inch)

    - Overall width of 432 mm (17 inch) including cradle

    - Pan size width of 381 mm (15 inch)

    - Base made from 5 mm aluminium with 8 bends to increase rigidity

    - Drilled for a 4 wheel zero-angle set up

    - Wheel centres of 990 mm (39 inch)

    - Clearance to underside of pan is 40 mm (1½ inch)

    - Clearance to side edge of pan is 100 mm (4 inch) 

    - Front tower and rear bracket made from 6 mm aluminium 

    - Neoprene seat

    - Total weight of Asylum MMS including trucks and wheels is 7.6 kg 


    Please note all measurements are taken based on Arsenal 165 mm (50 degree front, 44 degree rear flipped to zero) and Orangatang Kegel 80 mm wheels (any duro). 




      • The basic price of £275 plus postage and packing is for the DECK ONLY powder-coated in one colour with the SP8BOARDS logo on top. PLEASE NOTE TRUCKS AND WHEELS ARE NOT INCLUDED.
      • If required, we can provide the Asylum MMS set up ready to ride with Orangatang Kegel 80 mm wheels and Arsenal 165 mm raw trucks (50 degree front, 44 degree rear flipped to zero). The additional price will be £125 plus postage and package. Please contact us direct if this is required. 
      • We specialise in CUSTOMISATION. If you want a full set-up of trucks and wheels with your Asylum MMS or if you want to tweak the size or number of colours, we can do it for you. Just contact us direct to discuss your requirements and obtain a no-obligation quote. 
      • We can ship WORLDWIDE. See our Delivery Info section for details.